School Choice Week Digital School Kit

Submitted by david_seidman on Mon, 01/14/2019 - 16:18

We’re thrilled that you’re looking for ways to amplify and enhance your event’s impact through digital efforts. Below you’ll find a variety of ideas and pieces of content for your use. Please reach out to Krissia Spivey, multimedia communications associate, and Shelby Doyle, director of communications, with any questions or feedback.


1. Create a digital and public space for your event, such as a microsite or dedicated landing page. You can use images below to help style it in an engaging way.

2. Join the Tweetup scheduled for January 17, 2019 at 2 PM. Eastern. Make sure to use #schoolchoice. Click here to find graphics, templates and ideas and more for this event.

3. Follow us in social media! We are constantly adding content, share posts and/or download any of our graphics using your event details to remind attendees about your event. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Ask partners and organizations to share your event details within their social media channels and emails.

5. Does your organization have a podcast? We'd love to record a segment sharing information about NSCW that's relevant to your audience and creating excitement around your event. Email Shelby Doyle to arrange.


Our team is constantly adding to these resources as the Week approaches, so please stay tuned for additional options.

Information About School Choice:

● State One Pagers: These are parent-oriented roundups of all the types of school choice available on a state-by-state basis. You can find them by heading to and clicking on your state outline. You can also download a version formatted for printing and an online version with clickable hyperlinks for next steps.
● National school type infographics
● Proclamation share graphics: these will be finalized as proclamations come in on a rolling basis throughout January. You can find them by heading to and clicking on your state outline.

Promoting Your Event:

● Printable activities for students attending your event
● Save the date 11x 17 flyer and a A4 flyer template

Building National School Choice Week excitement:

● State-specific share graphics can be found by heading to and clicking on your state outline.

● Photography highlights from National School Choice Week in prior years that you may freely use in efforts to promote your event.
● Tech backgrounds for phones and computers are available for all participants.

Videos (one will be officially “launched” each day of the Week):

● 2019 Kickoff video
○ Youtube:
○ Facebook:

● What is School Choice?

● What Is National School Choice Week?
○ Youtube:

● Get Ready for National School Choice Week 2019
○ Youtubre:

● 5 Steps to Choosing a School for Your Child
○ Youtube: